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社会学、人类学 and 社会工作

sociology anthropology social work mcla

Why sociology, anthropology, Social worK

社会学、人类学, and 社会工作 (SASW) is an interdisciplinary department that studies the various ways human societies live and change under different social, cultural and institutional conditions. Integrating closely related social science disciplines, SASW trains students to build a systematic understanding of human behavior, social interactions, cultural practices, and institutional structures in all their 多样性.

 SASW’s three core areas complement each other, enabling students to develop a holistic, critical, and cross-cultural perspective, as well as equipping them with social science re搜索 methods training and applied skills.

 Built on classical and contemporary social theories and driven by empirical scholarship, the department’s core mission is centered on social justice. 因此,强调 the multifaceted dimensions of power and inequality, in local and global contexts, remains central to our teaching and training.    

 SASW’s key aim is to foster in the next generation of highly competent, knowledge-driven, 道德公民.


Close 教师-student engagement
Flexibility for students to double major and/or complete multiple minors
Access to SASW’s Social Science 研究 Lab

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社会学、人类学, and 社会工作 Degrees

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